Wood prices in Germany: spruce 50% more expensive – new record prices

While the world market prices for wood are falling, there is no sign of this in Germany. Producer prices for wood in Germany continue to rise steeply and across the board. As the latest survey by the German Federal Statistical Office shows, spruce wood costs a good 50% more in April than in the previous year. The price increase for all types of wood was almost 35 percent. Spruce logs price evolution in Germany The price increase also continued compared to the previous month. German forest...

“Timber prices going up daily” in Europe due to Ukraine war, architects complain

European architects and designers are struggling to source wood for their projects as Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought imports from the region to a standstill, threatening stocks and driving up prices across the continent. Studios are reporting that costs for solid oak and birch plywood have doubled in the last few months, while others have seen the price of structural timber go up by around 20 per cent. "Everyone is really worried about their supply chains," said Sean Sutcliffe,...

Finland: Lumber prices start to fall sharply

Uncertainty is already visible in Finland's lumber market, and demand and prices for lumber have started to fall sharply, the Finnish Sawmill Association reports. In addition to economic uncertainty, the decline is explained by inflation, the change in consumer demand following the pandemic and rising interest rates. In addition, shortcomings in the availability of labor and construction materials are penalizing the construction industry and slowing down the start-up of construction projects....

Russian sawmills hit hard by sanctions

Already in May 2022, Russian sawmilling companies were able to largely feel the impact of sanctions and restrictions on their activities. Thus, market participants note that shipments to Europe, if they occur, are in limited volumes, either under the obligations of previously concluded contracts or exclusive specifications. At the same time, Europe also notes the impact of the lack of Russian products and talks about a growing shortage. Alternative sales markets for Russia, namely Egypt and...

Housing Starts May and Lumber Prices June: 2022

New home building and permits for the first five months of this year are up compared to January to May of 2021. While month-over-month starts and permits are down in May compared to April, building and permits activity for the first five months of this year are up compared to January to May of 2021. After dropping quite a bit in recent weeks, many softwood lumber prices levelled off in mid-June as a modicum of supply-demand balance seemed to have been reached. Click SUBSCRIBE here to get...

Many Lumber Prices Flat as Ongoing Delivery Delays Resolved

After dropping quite a bit in recent weeks, many softwood lumber prices levelled off in mid-June as a modicum of supply-demand balance seemed to have been reached. Over the past two years as the lumber market reacted to big changes in external conditions, there was never-before-seen high price levels and volatility. madisonsreport.com It looks like the remarkable highs and attendant corrections down might be getting worked out, as these swings are less extreme each time. This is the usual time...

The European sawmill industry is skeptical about Q3/2022

The first months of 2022 were very positive for the industry thanks to strong demand. Thanks to a stable supply of raw materials, the production of softwood lumber was able to keep up with demand - albeit at very high prices. The by-products markets are also developing well. However, there are signs of a slowdown and the next few months will be very difficult amid high unpredictability, softening construction markets and rising inflation. "While in this uncertain context no one can say what...


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