Featured on the Weather Channel for its wind bracing design, the Haus Gables Project is only the second CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) home in the United States and 7 Seas Group USA is proud to be the supply chain and procurement partner for this historic project.
  • Date: Sept 2018
    Client: Jennifer Bonner, Associate Professor
    Harvard Graduate School of Design
    Project Type: Single Family Residence

About this Project

Engineered as a superstructure, where all exterior and interior walls, floors, and roof are made of solid Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels. Custom cut, hoisted into place, and assembled in twelve days’ time, the CLT represents a solid, real image of a house that skirts around stick frame construction. While structurally inventive, it also promotes a monolithic view of material from the domestic interior. Yet, a series of faux finishes clad the exterior and interior in opposition to the real representation of the house. Black terrazzo is not poured-in-place and polished, but arrives as a thin tile, while oriented strand board takes on the image of OSB in the form of a ceramic tile. Marble finishes are made of an unlikely vinyl and cartoonish drawings rather than the desired, real, Italian marble. It is the combination of real-and-faux that productively divides rooms on the interior. On the house’s exterior, a synthetic stucco is used as a finish material and inscribed with a custom brick stamp. Faux-brick wraps the entire house concealing any view of the CLT.  Sited in the American South, the project undertakes an old tradition of faux-finishing. For Southerners, there is a history of not being able to afford precious materials and a subsequent desire of “faking it.”


Project Team: Jennifer Bonner, Ben Halpern, Benzi Rodman, Justin Jiang, Dohyun Lee, Daniela Leon
Associate Architect: Jeffery Olinger, Olinger Architects Structural Engineers: Hanif Kara and Laura Hannigan (AKT II); Chris Carbone and Florian Back (Bensonwood); Kelly Allbright (PEC Structural); Joe Miller (Fire Tower)

Civil Engineer: Trey Baltz, Crescent View Engineering
Façade and Material Research: Alex Timmer
CLT Manufacturer: KLH – Austria (Project Lead: Sebastian Popp) CLT Installation Specialist:Terry Ducatt (Team; Michael Ingrahm, Sean Cirrillo, and Troy Richomond)
Wood Products Specialist, Shehzad Bhayani, 7 Seas Group USA

General Contractor: Ryan Locke, Principle Builder’s Group

Interior Finishes: Coverings Etc. (Eco-Terr Tile); Stone Source & Ornamenta (ARTWORK_marble Tile); RPS Distributors and  Vives Ceramica (Strand-R Natural Tile)
Wall Assembly: Vapro-Sheild, Vapro-Mat, Kingspan Kooltherm K-20 insulation board
Photography: Adam DeTour

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