EOS GA: Hopes that the European softwood market will “bottom out” this year

European softwood production declined by 6.4% in 2023 to 80,894,000m3 (2022: 86,518,000m3)…

Canfor to temporarily curtail a sawmill in BC

BC’s struggling forestry industry is taking another hit following the release of…

Conifex curtails sawmill and planer operations

Conifex announced today the curtailment of its sawmill and planer operations for…

US$ 18 billion investments in Brazil’s forestry sector expected by 2028

The forestry sector in Brazil is expected to invest around R$90 billion…

Stability and optimism reported at Carrefour timber exhibition

Tropical timber suppliers at the Carrefour Internationale du Bois (CIB) exhibition in…

Paradigm shift for the Swedish forest industry?

Despite reduced demand, reduced felling, reduced deliveries and the construction crisis, the…

Historic North American delegation visits Finland’s forest industry

Business Finland is hosting an unprecedented visit by a large delegation from…

Lumber mill temporarily shuts down in BC, cites low prices terrible state of the industry

Aspen Planers has temporarily shuttered its operations in Merritt, a move that…

Conifex secures $25 Million loan for its lumber segment

Conifex Timber Inc. has secured a $25 million term loan with PenderFund…

Federal Reserve rate stagnation impacts US wood products markets

The ongoing Federal Reserve rate stagnation is having a ripple effect across…


Lumber Wholesale & Exports

Lumber inventory at 9 North American Ports enables streamline operations.

Custom Products

Looking for a unique look or product? With affiliates in China, Egypt, Brazil and Canada, we can help design, procure and ship your custom made wood products.

Logistics Consulting

Leverage our world class expertise in global logistics; from flat bed to charter ships, intermodal transportation, and storage at all major North American ports.

Building Construction

Experts in new home construction and revitalization of distressed assets.



With 50+ sawmill relationships internationally, we source lumber and wood products from around the world.


Our U.S. based logistics team manages inventory at 9 U.S. and Canadian ports.


Our inspectors perform quality checks for logs and lumber, at all ports and warehouses for import and export.


Our affiliate network of operators, manage ocean dryage for all lumber shipments coming in and out of USA.

USDA & SFPA Affiliation

Member of Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) & recurring participant in multiple U.S. Department of Agriculture trade missions across the globe.


We regularly attend these trade Shows and trade missions. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Our Products

Lumber: The World Over

Whether you are looking for North American products or exotic tropical hardwoods, we got you covered! #Meranti #Ipe, #Sapeli #Oak #Ash #Maple #Pine #SPF #SYP

Engineered Wood Products

Film Faced Plywood for your Projects. Our top of the line panel is made with an European Hardwood core and film. Comes in 12mm, 18mm and 19mm sizes. #HDO #MDO #CONCRETEFORMS

Custom Products

Are you looking for custom sizes in lumber, panels or Cross Laminated Timber? Contact us for our species guide to chose the best products for your your installations.|

Lumber Industry News

A Third Generation Wood Company

With 50+ sawmill relationships internationally, we source lumber and wood products from around the world. Our U.S. based logistics team manages inventory at major ports in the U.S. Established in 1949, our first family venture was launched shortly after the end of the colonial era in India. Over a period of 30 years the small shop grew to a family owned group of sawmills, warehousing and trading floors. 7 Seas Group USA was formed in 2007 as the North American distribution and supply chain venture.

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