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With the Brexit, the regulations for the transport of goods to and from Great Britain also changed on 01.01.2021. Since the country no longer belongs to the EU internal market, wooden pallets have been checked for the ISPM 15 standard at all borders of the United Kingdom. 

This could lead to serious delays in the transport of goods, warns the German Federal Association of Wood Packaging, Pallets, Export Packaging (HPE). “It is estimated that not even half of all pallets that are on the move between England and Europe meet the ISPM specifications,” says HPE Managing Director Marcus Kirschner.

The ISPM 15 standard applies to wooden pallets intended for export to and import from non-EU countries. The ISPM 15 regulations stipulate that packaging and transport materials in cross-border traffic must be treated with heat against possible pests of fresh wood. This does not apply within the European Union. In the event of non-compliance, the pallets and goods will be returned or they must be treated at the sender’s expense.

In addition to transport difficulties due to the corona pandemic, wood packaging customers seem surprised by the requirements that have been in effect since January 1 and the necessary formalities, despite extensive information from the association and its members. “Some of our industry companies are getting more inquiries from customers who were not even aware of the problem. Goods slumbering on pallets in warehouses in particular should be checked urgently, ”recommends Kirschner. How many shipments from and to England have not yet been checked at the borders and may have to be returned, nobody can say at the moment.

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