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The pellet price in Germany remained stable at summer level in August, however it is considerably lower as compared to the same month of 2019. 

The price for a ton (t) of pellets in August costs an average of EUR 223.72 (purchase of 6 t), which is 6.3 percent less than in August 2019. That corresponds to one Kilo price of 22.37 cents and a price per kilowatt hour (kWh) of heat of 4.47 cents. Since heating oil has also continued to fall in price, there is a price disadvantage of 11.4 percent for pellets. The price advantage over natural gas of almost 29 percent remains stable.

“Pellets are cheapest in summer,” explains German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) managing director Martin Bentele. “It is therefore advisable to fill the warehouse for the winter during this time. Heating operators who have not yet done so should take action now. In autumn the price for the small pellets will increase again a little, as usual in the course of the season. There are already the first signs of this in the south, where the price has already risen slightly for some purchase quantities.

Regional prices

The following regional differences arise in the price of wood pellets in August 2020 (purchase quantity 6 t): In central Germany, pellets are cheapest at EUR 222.11 / t, followed by north / east Germany with EUR 222.25 / t. The price per ton in southern Germany has already risen to an average of EUR 224.45 / t.

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