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UPM Timber has completed the employee consultation process started in early February on its plans to improve profitability and strengthen competitiveness.

Based on the negotiations, the number of positions at UPM Timber will decrease by 43.

As a result of the negotiations, UPM Timber is renewing the management model of its sawmills and streamlining its supply chain.

In addition, the small log line at Kaukas sawmill will be closed by the end of June 2021 and the operating model of Korkeakoski sawmill will be optimized.

UPM provides support for employees who are affected by the reductions. This includes outplacement services and training opportunities that support re-employment of the affected employees.

UPM Timber produces redwood and whitewood sawn timber for the joinery, packaging, distribution, and construction industries. UPM Timber has four sawmills in Finland.

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