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Finnish forest industry giant UPM sawmill supply chain will be streamlined, one production line will be closed and a maximum of 60 people will be laid off.

The company plans to close the Kaukas sawmill’s small log line this year. In the future, only one sawline would be operational in the Far East. The intention is also to “optimize” the capacity utilization rate of the Korkeakoski sawmill.

In connection with the measures, the company will start co-operation negotiations, which will cover all UPM Timber personnel in Finland, with the exception of sales personnel and employees of the Seikku and Alholma sawmills. The estimated reduction need is a maximum of 60 tasks.

UPM Timber has four sawmills in Finland with a combined annual capacity of 1.5 million cubic meters of softwood lumber. The number of employees is 400.

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