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After taking over the two Klausner sawmills in the USA, Binderholz is moving significantly closer to number 1 in Europe.

On December 10th, the Tyrolean company Binderholz also took over the second Klausner location in the USA (see article  Binderholz also wins Klausner auction No. 2 and  for over 83 million US $ – Binderholz acquires Klausner Lumber Two ).

The group now has a total of nine sawmills: one in Austria (Fügen), four in Germany (Baruth, Kösching, Oberrot, Wolfegg), two in Finland (Lieksa, Nurmes) and two in the USA (Enfield, Live Oak). According to the company’s own statements, the plan is to produce 5.2 million m³ of coniferous sawn timber annually at these nine locations.

The Binderholz cutting figures for the individual locations (plan 2022):

  • Fügen / AT: 1.1 million cubic meters / year
  • Baruth / DE: 1.8 million cubic meters per year
  • Kösching / DE: 1.1 million cubic meters per year
  • Oberrot / DE: 1.1 million cubic meters per year
  • Wolfegg / DE: 0.3 million cubic meters per year
  • Lieksa / FI: 0.9 million cubic meters per year
  • Nurmes / FI: 0.4 million cubic meters per year
  • Enfield / US: 1.0 million cubic meters per year
  • Live Oak / US: 1.0 million cubic meters per year

In total, this results in a cut of 8.7 million cubic meters per year.

Nothing will change (for the time being) about the top 10 softwood lumber producers. Stora Enso remains number 1 with 5.69 million m³ (2020 plan).

Europe’s top 10 softwood lumber producers | after the Binderholz deal
Lined up according to plan 2020 in 1,000 m³
Rank 2019 Companies Head office Number of sawmill Plan 2020 *
1 Stora Enso FI 18th 5,690
2 Binderholz + Klenk Holz + 2 US sawmills AT 9 5,200
3 Pfeifer wood AT 6th 2,350
4th SCA Timber SE 5 2,150
5 Moelven Group NO 16 2.113
6th HS Timber AT 4th 2,100
7th Mayr-Melnhof wood AT 3 2,025
8th Södra Timber SE 7th 2.010
9 Metsä Fiber FI 6th 1,900
10 Rettenmeier wood industry DE 5 1,900

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