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The roundwood prices on delivery timber in Sweden increased for both sawlog and pulpwood during the first quarter of 2022 in comparison to the fourth quarter of 2021. The sawlog price increased by 4 percent and pulpwood by almost 3 percent.

Regionally, the greatest increase in sawlog prices was in Södra Norrland, by almost 4 percent, followed by Norra Norrland with almost 3 percent. In Götaland the sawlog prices rose by 1 percent while the price in Svealand were unchanged.

Regarding pulpwood prices, the greatest increase was in Norra Norrland by 6 percent while the pulpwood prices in Södra Norrland were unchanged. In both Svealand and Götaland the increase amounted to 1 percent.

Continued increase in comparison to the first quarter of 2021

If we compare with the same quarter last year, roundwood prices increased more sharply. Sawlog prices overall increased by almost 13 percent. Regionally, the sawlog prices increased by 13 and 10 percent in Götaland and Svealand respectively. In Norrland prices also increased, by almost 11 and 9 percent in Södra and Norra Norrland respectively.

Pulpwood prices overall increased by 8 percent. The increase was greatest in Götaland by almost 11 percent, followed by Norra and Södra Norrland by almost 8 and 5 percent respectively. In Svealand the pulpwood price was unchanged.

Quarterly average prices in Sweden, SEK per cubic meter solid volume excl. bark 
2021/Q1 2021/Q4 2022/Q1
Pine sawlogs 494 (EUR 47,56) 524 (EUR 50,45) 558 (EUR 53,79)
Spruce sawlogs 524(EUR 50,45) 575 (EUR 55,45) 590 (EUR 56,90)
Pine pulpwood 279 (EUR 26,91) 292(EUR 28,15) 304 (EUR 29,32)
Spruce pulpwood 285 (EUR 27,45) 297 (EUR 28,63) 307 (EUR 29,61)
Birch pulpwood 295 (EUR 28,40) 308 (EUR 29,69) 316 (EUR 30,48)

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