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Pine logs cost now an average of 478 SEK/m3 (EUR 44.91/m3), while spruce logs cost SEK 501/m3 (EUR 47.06/m3).

The first quarter of 2020 shows dropping sawlog prices in Sweden on a yearly basis. Pine sawlogs are cheaper by almost 5%, while spruce by more than -10%, a sign that both the bark beetle infestation effects on the prices in Sweden, which was already visible in 2019, has continued in the first quarter of the year.

Pulpwood prices have dropped at almost the same levels than those of sawlogs. Pine and spruce pulpwood prices have increased by -1.78% and -9.11% respectively.

As compared to fourth quarter of 2019, the price movements have manifested some mixed developments. The price of pine sawlogs have increased slightly, while the value of spruce sawlogs has continued the downward trend.

Quarterly roadside prices of roundwood (SEK/M3) Q1/2019 Q4/2019 Q1/2020 Change in % Q42019/Q12020 Change in % Q12019/Q12020
Pine sawlogs 502 477 478 +0.20% -4.78%
Spruce sawlogs 561 506 501 -2.96% -10.69%
Pine pulpwood 342 331 320 -3.32% -6.43%
Spruce pulpwood 354 319 317 -0.62% -10.45%

1 Swedish Krona equals 0.094 Euro as of May 15.

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