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In Central Sweden, state-owned Sveaskog raises the purchase price for softwood sawlogs from 18 January. The reason is continued high demand and good price development for wood products.

According to Sveaskog, the price increase for normal timber is between SEK 30–45 (EUR 3-4.5) per m3 to (cubic meters top measured).

Pay more

”It is gratifying that our timber customers are experiencing good demand and rising prices for their finished products. This means that we have the opportunity to pay more for the timber we buy from forest owners in Central Sweden, which is one of Sveaskog’s core areas for timber purchases,” says Roger Johansson, head of external timber procurement in Sveaskog’s market area South.

Focus on timber

The Swedish economy, which during the corona pandemic almost turned into a new golden age for the sawmill industry, continues to strengthen.

”The sawmills are on high pressure to take advantage of the favorable market situation, and therefore demand is high for both spruce and pine timber. For forest owners, it is therefore time to take the opportunity. The demand for pulpwood is not as strong right now, so the recommendation from us is to focus on timber felling in the near future and take advantage of the good demand and the increased prices, says Roger Johansson.

Unchanged level

The price increase for normal timber includes Bergslagen and southern Norrland. Pulpwood prices are at an unchanged level.

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