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After the New Year’s holiday, many log traders are worried about future market uncertainties, and many softwood prices have begun to rise recently at main Chinese timber markets. 

Taking Shandong as an example, the current price of white pine logs is up by 20 yuan/cubic meter (US$3/m3), hemlock logs are up 20 yuan/cubic meter (US$3/m3), and radiata pine logs are up by 10 yuan/cubic meter (US$ 1.5/m3).

In the Chongqing market, the current price of 2m radiata pine logs rose by 60 yuan/m3 (US$9.2/m3), 3m radiata pine logs rose by 20 yuan/m3 (US$3/m3), 4m radiata pine rose by 40 yuan/m3 (US$6.2/m3), and white pine logs in Chongqing timber market rose by 20 yuan/m3 (US$3/m3).

The 3-meter radiata pine rose by RMB 20/cubic meter (US$3/m3) in Tianjin, Hebei.

The CFR price of New Zealand pine logs in China continues to rise. The price of Grade A logs has risen from USD 130 in early December to USD 138. In the past month, China’s softwood log inventories have fallen by about 14% to 3 million to 3.2 million cubic meters. The overall inventory level dropped by about 30% in two months. For the upcoming Chinese market in 2021, price increases are expected to be strong.

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