A cautious reopening of the UK economy again allows Södra to return to full production at one of its sawmills.

In early April, the Södra Group announced that it was introducing short-term permits at its sawmills in Orrefors and Mönsterås in Småland and the sawmill in Hamina in Finland in the light of reduced demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Södra has decided to return to full production at the Orrefors sawmill soon.

”We have found a number of new business opportunities that secure production and therefore we are returning to a normal production rate from week 20,” says Jörgen Lindquist, business area manager for Södra Wood.

It was reduced demand in the UK that caused Södra to cut production and make short-term permits. The company now sees that the UK is gently opening again but is waiting before returning to normal operation at all its sawmills.

”Thanks to the short-term permitting, we have a readiness to follow the market and be able to quickly increase production again,” says Jörgen Lindquist.

At the end of April, Bergs Timber announced that the company would soon return to full production at its Swedish sawmills.

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