Södra adjusts the price for pulpwood, fuel wood and small diameter timber.

The supply of pulpwood and fuel wood in Sweden and the rest of Europe is high, which has created large stocks of fiber raw material and fuelwood at both industry and terminals.

The supply is driven by a high felling rate as a result of spruce bark beetle infestation.

The global economy shows continued signs of a slowdown, which together with a high supply will result in a fall in the market price of pulpwood and fuelwood.

”The adjustment of timber prices must be seen against a background of both high supply and external factors that affect demand negatively,” says Olof Hansson, Business Area Manager Södra Skog.

Södra has made the following price adjustments from 17 July 2020:

  • Softwood and hardwood pulpwood is reduced by SEK 25 / m3;
  • The special range 1600 is reduced by SEK 25 / m3 (both sawable and pulpwood share;
  • Fuelwood is reduced by SEK 40 / m3 fub for softwood and SEK 30 / m ³  for hardwood;
  • Small-diameter timber is reduced by SEK 25 / m3.

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