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The global economy is still uncertain due to the pandemic, but for the sawmill industry, the market has strengthened during the summer and demand is gradually increasing.

”That the demand for spruce timber is increasing is positive after a time of worry and slowdown. The conditions for our production in the forest are good and we continue to have a high focus on the spruce bark beetle infestations we have on member land,” says Olof Hansson, Business Area Manager, Södra Skog.

The supply of firewood in Sweden and the rest of Europe is large, which has created a high stock of fuel firewood at both industry and terminals, Södra says. The range is driven by a high rate of felling, as well as a high fuel wood yield in the fellings as a result of the spruce bark beetle infestations.

Södra made the following price adjustments are made and apply from 28 September 2020:

  • Spruce timber is increased by SEK 30 / m³fub
  • Fuel firewood is reduced by SEK 30 / m³fub

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