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The high demand for timber continues. That is why Södra is now raising the price for spruce timber, pine timber, small timber and logs.

Södra’s sawmill in Götaland continues to produce at a high level and the demand for timber is high. This applies to normal timber of spruce and pine as well as to small timber and logs. Södra will therefore raise timber prices from the 20th of January.

”It is gratifying that the demand for forest products has met the challenges of the past year in such a good way. It has been a long time since the demand for sawmill was as high as it is now. But at the same time, it is difficult to predict how long the development will last,” says Olof Hansson, business area manager for Södra Skog.

The global economy remains uncertain, but benefits from the fact that the covid-19 vaccine is now being rolled out in large parts of the world. Södra’s sawmill produces at high levels and the pace is also expected to maintain during the spring.

”Our production in the forest is now entering a more intensive period. We have good conditions, but we must continue to have a strong focus on the spruce bark beetle infestations we have on member land. This is to minimize the risks of future attacks in 2021,” says Olof Hansson.

The following price adjustments are made and apply from 20 January 2021:

  • Spruce timber price is increased by SEK 30/m³ fub (fixed cubic meters under bark);
  • Pine timber price is increased by SEK 30/m³ fub;
  • Small timber price is increased by SEK 25/m³ fub.

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