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Södra is planning a new investment for its state-of-the-art pulp mill in Värö, Sweden, which will allow the mill to increase capacity yet further, in steps toward 850,000 tpy.

In 2016, Värö was completely rebuilt to become one of the world’s most modern and largest softwood pulp mills with a capacity of 700,000 tpy but it has the potential for 850,000 tpy.

The project is scheduled to start up in April 2022 and will ramp up until the end of the same year, while production will be gradually increased. However, Södra has chosen not to communicate the investment amount “as all details are not yet ready”, the press service of the company states.

Demand for more raw material

The expansion of the mill will result in increased demand for raw material, which will be guaranteed as Södra will source the wood needed from the forest estates of its 53,000 members.

“Technically, it soon became clear that the new plant had greater potential than expected. Therefore, we now see an opportunity to further increase production in a cost-effective way for increased profitability. This is a major first step towards the 850,000 tonnes per year that are within the scope of the existing environmental permit, ” says the mill’s site manager Marcus Åsgärde, in a comment.

Södra was founded in 1938 and is Sweden’s largest forest owner association with over 52,000 members at present.

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