Kastamonu Entegre and Siempelkamp announce assembly work on the new forming and press line with the 7′-x-37.1-metre ninth-generation ContiRoll® for the production of particleboard in Samsun, Turkey. This leading producer of wood-based boards also placed an order in July for a modernisation package for its Siempelkamp MDF line in Kastamonu City to be installed at the end of 2020.

The assembly work with startup scheduled for  early 2021 means that the continuous forming and press line in Samsun – which is intended to replace the existing particleboard line at the Yontas location that was acquired in 2009 – is now entering its home straight. Pallmann, which is also one of Siempelkamp’s subsidiaries, will be supplying the knife-ring flakers – two MicroFlaker™ and two MacroFlaker systems as well as a knife-ring flaker for dry particle preparation at each location. An automatic setting and knife-ring grinding robot by Pallmann for automatically sharpening the blunt knives in the ring constitutes an additional part of the scope of delivery.

Kastamonu is also currently relying on Siempelkamp support at another of its six locations in Turkey – at Kastamonu City, capital of the province of the same name in the country’s north, where a package by Siempelkamp Logistics & Service GmbH (SLS) – another one of Siempelkamp’s subsidiaries – is being installed to modernise an MDF line that is operating with a 7′-x-55.3-metre ContiRoll®. The package includes a light board package that will enable the customer to produce so-called light MDF (L-MDF) with raw densities down to 500 kg/mі.

The scope of delivery also includes the Sico Master Gauge – a new type of measuring frame that is installed on the foundation and encloses the ContiRoll®’s two hot platens in the calibration area at the control system. The main benefit that this new frame offers is the simultaneous measurement of the upper and lower hot platen positions independent of the effects caused by any mechanical expansion within the frame.

The ContiRoll® press’ calibration area is also being equipped with an additional cylinder track, which is to be combined with a track control for individual cylinders. The additional cylinder track is being fitted in order to further minimise raw board tolerances and to further reduce the sand-off in raw board production. The modernisation work will be generating considerable added value for Kastamonu Entegre because it will be enabling this manufacturer of wood-based boards to significantly expand its range of products and reduce both its raw material costs and raw material input while developing greater potential for itself on the market.

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