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Under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the price pressure of the bark beetle infestation in Central Europe, the July prices of roundwood in Estonia are considerably lower over a year ago.

Pine sawlogs could be bought for EUR 66.63/m3 in July, which is a -11% decrease as compared to July of last year. Also, the price for spruce sawlogs dropped to EUR 54.79/m3, almost -22% less than July 2019.

The price of birch decreased by -12% compared to July 2019.

Among the pulpwood types of wood, the price for pine dropped by -31%, down to EUR 24.89/m3. The price for spruce pulpwood also dropped by -29% as compared to July 2019.

Average roadside prices of sales from the Estonian state forests on country level (EUR/m³, under bark, excl. VAT) 
July 2019  June 2020 July 2020 Change in % July 2019/ July 2020
Pine 75.00 71.08 66.63 -11.16%
Spruce 70.20 52.62 54.79 -21.95%
Birch 66.79 70.35 58.60 -12.26%
Pine 36.45 24.92 24.89 -31.71%
Spruce 35.76 23.25 25.39 -28.99%
Birch 42.35 30.38 31.76 -25.00%

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