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There have been many trips around Setra-owned Rolf’s sawmill in Kalix, Sweden which were finally closed down after a lengthy sales process. Now Setra has reached an agreement with a new owner who will take over the business.

After trying to find a buyer for a year, Setra began work on closing down Rolf’s sawmill in Kalix 2018, had affected around 60 employees.

The failed sales process, where Kalix municipality also fought to preserve the sawmill and the jobs that the business provides, finally ended in a closure in 2019. Now, however, there has been a turnaround when Setra announces that it has found a buyer and that the business will get new life.

The new owner of Rolf’s sawmill in Kalix will be Stockhult Holding, which, among other things, owns a sawmill in Glommersträsk.

”It is gratifying that we have found a buyer of Rolf’s saw who intends to run a business. We wish them all the best with the continued work,” Setra’s CEO Katarina Levin said.

Stockhult Holding owns the sawmill company Glommers Timber outside Arvidsjaur, where a number of investments have been made in recent years.

”We are pleased to be able to supplement and expand our sawmill business through the purchase of Rolf’s sawmill, says Paul Björnsson,” owner representative for Stockhult Holding.

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