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At the end of February, the Sokol CLT plant was inaugurated in the city of Sokol, Russia. The plant, which is an asset of the timber industry holding Segezha Group, became the first large-scale production of CLT panels in Russia.

The volume of investments for the construction and launch of the plant exceeded 3 billion rubles (EUR 33.5 million). The annual production capacity of the enterprise is 50 thousand m³ of finished products.

The first CLT panel was delivered in autumn 2020 and the product certification procedure was started. The company is launching the production of CLT mouldings and custom panels with a thickness of 8 to 40 cm, width up to 3.6 m and length up to 16 m. The weight of a panel is about 500 kg/cbm. During production, kiln-dried sawn timber is sorted and spliced into panels. Each panel consists of three to nine layers. The glue contains no formaldehyde and is approved for indoor and outdoor use..

Although quite new, the product is highly popular with Russian buyers. The large-scale rollout of high-quality CLT-panels onto the construction market will contribute to the development of private residential construction with wood. This may also give rise to an entire sector of multi-storey wooden housing using hybrid technologies in Russia.

The site of Segezha Group’s new CLT plant is Sokol Woodworking Plant (S-DOK), the largest woodworking plant in the European part of Russia. It has been a part of Segezha Group since September 2014.

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