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The price for softwood sawlogs in Russia have continued to increase during November 2020, despite the downward trend throughout 2020 caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The price of hardwood sawlogs has also increased, however it is way lower as compared to November 2019.

As compared to October 2020, the price softwood sawlogs went up slightly, while the price for hardwood sawlogs had a considerable increase of 8%.

Softwood sawlogs could be bought for 2719 RUB/m3 (30.57 EUR/m3) in November 2020, which is a 0.33% increase as compared to November of last year.

Priced at 1545 RUB/m3 (17.37 EUR/m3) in November, hardwood sawlogs are 43% cheaper as compared to the same month of 2019.

Average producer prices of roundwood (at roadside) sold in domestic market on the Federal district level., RUB/m³, under bark, excl. VAT.

Nov-19 Oct-20 Nov-20 Change Oct-19/Oct-2020 Change in % Nov-19/Nov-20
Softwood sawlogs 2,708 RUB 2601 RUB 2719 RUB +0.61% +0.33%
Hardwood sawlogs 2,718 RUB 1427 RUB 1545 RUB +8.26% -43.15%
Softwood pulpwood 1,299 RUB 1271 RUB 1265 RUB -0.47% -2.61%
Hardwood pulpwood 1,080 RUB 973 RUB 942 RUB -3.18% -12.77%

Prices converted in EUR

Nov-19 Oct-20 Nov-20
Softwood sawlogs 30.44 EUR 29.24 EUR 30.57 EUR
Hardwood sawlogs 30.55 EUR 16.04 EUR 17.37 EUR
Softwood pulpwood 14.60 EUR 14.29 EUR 14.22 EUR
Hardwood pulpwood 12.14 EUR 10.94 EUR 10.52 EUR

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