In the first two months, Russia exported 5% less softwood, including planed timber, compared to the same period in the previous year.

In January and February, Russia exported almost 4.1 million m³ of softwood lumber. Compared to the same period last year, this means a decrease of 5%, according to the data of the Russian customs authority. Coronavirus shutdowns in China in January and February.

Exports to the main customer country, China, decreased by 10% to 2.35 million m³. According to the Wood Resource Quarterly, the value of wood products imported to China decreased in January and February by $ 750 million year-on-year (€ 695 million). The total import value was $ 4.6 billion (€ 4.3 billion). The value of softwood timber imports in China decreased by 26% year-on-year, that of softwood logs by 20%.

Russia also exported less softwood timber to Egypt in the first two months: 141,000 m³; -32%. Russia was able to increase sales in all other main destinations, for example to Uzbekistan (397,000 m³; +19%), Japan (185,000 m³; +17%) or Azerbaijan (138,000 m³; +21%).

Russian log exports have fallen for 3 consecutive years

Russian log exports in 2019 were 15.87 million cubic meters, a decrease of 16% from 2018. Since 2017, Russian log export volume has declined for three consecutive years.

In December 2019, the average export price of Russian logs was US $ 67.8 per cubic meter, a 5% decrease from the beginning of 2019. The main export destinations of Russian logs are China and Finland. According to statistics, in 2019 exports to these two countries accounted for 55% and 34% respectively, while exports to China fell 27% year-on-year, while Finland increased 4% year-on-year.

In 2019, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have the largest increases in Russian log exports, which have increased by 54% and 30% respectively, while log exports to Estonia have increased slightly by 4%. On the contrary, in 2019, Russia’s log exports to the following countries decreased significantly, ranked in order of decrease in export volume: Germany (-32%), Latvia (-30%), China (-27%), Japan (-18%), Romania (-16%), Sweden (-14%) and Ukraine (-12%).

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