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The average price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 55.2 per cubic metre, and the price for spruce logs was EUR 59.5 per cubic metre in standing sales in October. These prices went up one per cent from the previous month.

The stumpage price for Finnish pine pulpwood was EUR 17.2, the price for spruce pulpwood EUR 19.7 and the price for birch pulpwood EUR 16.6 per cubic metre. The average price of spruce pulpwood increased one per cent, as pine and birch went down one per cent compared to the previous month.

The method of felling affects the stumpage price paid for the wood. The price of logs harvested from regeneration fellings in Finland was three per cent higher than the average stumpage price paid for all logs. In thinnings the price of logs was 14 per cent below the average price. In the case of pulpwood, the difference in stumpage price was respectively in regeneration fellings +14 per cent, in thinnings –8 per cent and in first thinnings –30 per cent.

Pulpwood assortments accounted for two thirds of the total roundwood trade by delivery sales in October. The roadside price for pine pulpwood was EUR 32.0, for spruce pulpwood EUR 33.3 and for birch pulpwood EUR 32.2 per cubic metre. The price level of pulpwood increased one per cent from the previous month.

In October, recorded roundwood trade went down by two per cent from one year back. In January–October, the trade fell by eight per cent compared with the previous year. The volume of logs was the same but the volume of pulpwood dropped by 14 per cent.

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