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Pellet production in Germany in 2020 increased by 10.2% over the previous year to a new record of about 3.101 million tonnes.

The production of wood pellets in Germany has thus set a record for the fourth consecutive year. Over the past ten years, pellet production in Germany has increased by a total of 1.354 million tons per year, which corresponds to an increase of almost 78%.

In 2020, the share of ENplus A1 pellets did not change and amounted to 97.4%. A similar situation has developed with the share of pellets in bags, on average 24.2%. Traditionally, softwood were used as raw materials in the amount of 97.9%.

The share of sawmill residues increased compared to 2019 to 84.9%. 84.9% of pellets were sold on the domestic market, 16.1% were exported.

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