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The prices for roundwood in Finland have shifted downwards on all assortments during April 2020, both as compared to the same period last year as well as compared to March 2020.

Pine sawlogs could be bought in April 2019 for EUR 58.23/m3, -5.54% less than in April 2019, and -1.12% less as compared to March 2020.

The price for spruce went down by -5.27% yoy, to EUR 60.72/m3, and declined -0.54% on a monthly comparison.

As compared to April 2019, the prices for pulpwood decreased at a slower rate as the ones for sawlogs.

Thus, the price for pine pulpwood decreased yoy by -1.15%, to EUR 31.68/m3, and decreased -0.56% over March 2020. Spruce and birch could be bought for EUR 32.83/m3 and EUR 31.78/m3, which is -7.15% and -2.94% less than in April 2019.

In 2020, the average price of spruce sawlogs is expected to fall by 3% from last year, following the fall in the price of spruce sawn timber. Last year, the drop came to 7 percent, so the decline is now a little milder. The price of pine sawlogs will fall by 4 percent and that of birch logs by 2 per cent.

As for Finnish pulpwood prices, pine and birch are are expected to fall slightly, but a slight increase in the price of spruce is also expected. The better price development of pulpwood is explained by the fact that there is a demand for fiber in the production of pulp and board and, on the other hand, the supply of sawdust decreases.

Roadside roundwood prices in Finland (EUR/m3) April 2019 March 2020 April 2020 Change in % April 2019/April 2020 Change in % March 2020/April 2020
Pine logs 61.65 58.89 58.23 -5.54% -1.12%
Spruce logs 64.10 61.05 60.72 -5.27% -0.54%
Birch logs 50.58 49.10 47.68 -5.73% -2.89%
Pine pulpwood 32.05 31.86 31.68 -1.15% -0.56%
Spruce pulpwood 35.36 32.95 32.83 -7.15% -0.36%
Birch pulpwood 32.64 32.33 31.78 -2.94% -1.70%

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