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The price of wood pellets is considerably higher in some Western European as compared to a year ago.

The average price for wood pellets across Germany in April 2022 was €377.21 per ton (t) of pellets (when purchasing 6 t). This is 2.1% more than in the previous month and 66.4% more than in April 2021.

Pellets in Germany had become significantly more expensive since September 2021. Since many buyers have waited a long time due to the relatively high prices, the current short-term increase in demand in the spring was not unexpected. Last year’s excess supply of sawdust is not to be expected this year. That is why the low prices of the previous year are unlikely even in the short term.

For Austria, the industry association proPellets Austria also reports a price increase for April: loose pellets cost an average of €322.9 for an order quantity of 6 tons, whereby delivery is not included in the price. Compared to the previous year, the price increase in Austria was 46.90% and compared to the previous month 5.5%. Heating oil and natural gas are 112.6% and 35.6% more expensive than pellets, respectively.

Compared to the previous year, pellet prices in Switzerland rose by an average of 34% to CHF 467.40/t (EUR 453.79/t).  Compared to March, they have fallen by 0.7%, namely from an average of CHF 469.80 ( EUR 455.79/t) to CHF 467.40 (EUR 453.40/t), which corresponds to a decrease of around 0.7%

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