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Metsä Group’s net sales for the first quarter increased by almost EUR 200 million to 1.59 billion. The operating result took a huge leap and increased 2.5 times to EUR 341 million. The result before taxes for the bottom line increased to 330 million, compared to 121 million a year earlier.

The Group’s board company Metsä Board increased its turnover by almost one hundred million to 582 million. Operating profit increased by half to EUR 141 million.

CEO Ilkka Hämälä describes the result for the first quarter as very good despite the global political situation and the ongoing interest rate pandemic.

“The key elements in earnings were the further strengthening of the board market and the continuation of the upward trend in pulp prices that began in late 2021. Demand for sawn timber, plywood and plywood remained strong. ”

The profitability of Metsä Tissue, which manufactures hygiene and kitchen papers, suffered from rapid cost inflation due to energy prices. Tissue mills in Central Europe are preparing for the disruption of energy supplies and rising costs in Russia.

Investment projects have progressed as planned, albeit under cost pressure. Rauma’s large sawmill has progressed to the testing phase of the equipment. The sawmill, as well as Husum’s renovated recovery boiler, will be put into production during the second half of the year.

Metsä Group has discontinued both its wood procurement and sawmill business in Russia and the sale of paperboard and tissue to Russia and Belarus.

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