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The price of wood pellets in Germany fell again in May and is now € 230.22 / t for a 6 t purchase quantity. This is a decrease of 6.4% compared to the previous month and by 5.0% compared to May 2019. Most recently, the pellets are as cheap as in November 2016. 

“Experienced pelletizers use the low spring prices to refill their pellet store and prepare for winter,” explains DEPV Managing Director Martin Bentele. “At the end of the heating season, the pellet price drops and the warehouse is usually empty,” explains the industry expert.

The price of heating oil has been below that of pellets for the first time since April 2016, even if the price disadvantage is very small at 0.4 percent. Pellets hold a price advantage of approx. 27% over natural gas.

The regional price differences for wood pellets in May 2020 are as follows (purchase quantity 6 t):

In northern and eastern Germany, the price fell the most to € 223.40 / t. Pellets cost € 229.38 / t in the south and € 229.74 / t in central Germany.

Larger quantities (26 t) were traded in May 2020 on the following terms:

South: € 217.21 / t, Middle: € 214.73 / t, North / East: € 206.64 / t (all incl.VAT).

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