China Customs data shows that in the first half of this year China’s log imports totalled 19.68 million cubic meter valued at US$2.83 billion, a year on year decline of 68% in volume and 70% in value.

The volume of China’s log imports from Germany exceeded those from Russia in the first half of 2020. Countries suppling more than 1 million cubic meter were New Zealand (5.25 million cu.m -70%), Germany (2.71 million cu.m -36%), Russia (2.68 million cu.m -65%), Australia (1.65 million cu.m -68%), Papua New Guinea (1.17 million cu.m -64%) and Czech Republic (1.10 million cu.m -52%).

The average price for imported logs from Germany was US$106 per cubic meter lower than from Russia (US$122 per cubic meter) giving shippers in Germany an advantage.

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