German exports of planed products to non-European countries increased by 42% year on year and amounted to 557.24 thousand m³. 

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis), deliveries to the USA increased by 48% and amounted to about 369.3 thousand m³, the volume of exports to Australia increased by the same extent to almost 17.44 thousand m³, deliveries of German planed products to China (up to 52.81 thousand m³) and Japan (up to 20.89 m³).

During the reporting period, German exports to Europe decreased by 18% to 173.66 thousand m³. Deliveries fell to countries such as Austria (-10%), Belgium (-25%), France (-31%) and Italy (-3%). It is noted that the decline in intra-European exports was not offset by an increase in supplies to the UK (+ 2%) and the Netherlands (+ 11%) markets.

Board exports from Germany increased by 21% to 730.90 thousand m³ compared to the first quarter of the previous year. After a significant increase in January (+ 59% to 241.93 thousand m³), ​​Destatis noted an increase in February (+ 5% to 248.3 thousand m³) and March (+ 12% to 240.67 thousand m³).

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