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In the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate, the German army has been deployed to fight against bark beetles. In the neighboring Land of Baden-Württemberg, the regional forestry chamber is trying to obtain the same support. 

In their northern neighbors, in the Moselle Hunsrück, the Eifel and in the Westerwald, the regional government of Mainz announces that hundreds of soldiers have been mobilized since mid-May for a period initially set at 12 weeks.

Baden-Württemberg’s regional forestry minister, Peter Hauk, does not want help from the military: his ministry has analyzed the intervention in the neighboring Land closely and notes that the necessary supervision and training efforts turn out to be disproportionate given the incessant turnover. This is especially the case for steeply sloping stands in the southern Black Forest. ‘

‘This is not how we can quickly achieve success in the fight against the bark beetle,” Hauk said.

A feeling shared by the Bund Deutscher Forstleute (Federal Foresters Union) which insisted on increasing the number of competent personnel. Same story with unions and other parties in different Lands, including Bavaria, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

The price per cubic meter of bark beetle wood is around 20 euros, which according to the forestry chamber requires a quadrupling of the announced aid of 6 euros.

Hauk does not see things in the same way: “The aid is there to compensate for the additional costs generated by the release of bark beetles to forest owners”. On the other hand, it cannot in itself compensate for the fall in the prices of logs. Moreover, a quadrupling would infringe the rules for the allocation of aid.

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