Despite coronavirus related increased demand, wood pellets in April 2020 are significantly cheaper than in the previous month at a price of  245.94 € / t.

As compared to March, this is a decrease of 4.2% for a 6 t purchase volum. The year-on-year figure is 2.7% less.

From a regional point of view, there are the following differences in April 2020: In the South of Germany, like in March, pellets are the cheapest at € 243.41 / t, followed by the North / East region. Here pellets cost € 245.68 / t. In Central Germany, the price per ton is € 246.15.

Larger quantities (26 t) were traded in April 2020 on the following terms: South: € 230.01 / t, Central: € 227.12 / t; North / East: € 228.37 / t.

A current survey of 66 ENplus-certified German pellet traders and producers confirms the security of supply even in the coronavirus crisis. The companies’ warehouses are well stocked due to a high supply of raw materials. Only in logistics did some dealers expect slight restrictions if employees fell ill – but on the other hand empty streets might save time.

“The first storage campaigns for pellets start in spring, which is shown by significantly lower prices,” explains DEPV Managing Director Martin Bentele. “According to the current survey, two thirds of the retailers and producers surveyed see no negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic on pellet supply,” Bentele continues.

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