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In November, the prices of softwood logs were 3–5 per cent higher in real terms than the 2019 average prices.

The price of logs in Finland kept increasing in standing sales in November. The average price for pine logs was EUR 56.2 per cubic metre and the price for spruce logs was EUR 60.6 per cubic metre. This was three and five percent more than the average price of year 2019 in real terms.

The price for pine pulpwood in Finland was EUR 17.6, the price for spruce pulpwood EUR 20.2 and the price for birch pulpwood EUR 17.1. These prices increased two to three percent from October and ended up five percent higher than the average price of the previous year.

The roadside price for pine pulpwood was EUR 31.9, for spruce pulpwood EUR 32.6 and for birch pulpwood EUR 32.0 per cubic metre. The roadside price level of pulpwood went down one percent compared to the previous month.

Roundwood purchases of non-industrial, private forests included in the statistics amounted to 4.5 million cubic metres in November. It was 45 per cent more than in the previous year.

The trade in January–November fell three per cent behind the previous year and was almost one fifth less than the average of the corresponding periods of the previous three years. Compared to the preceding year the volume of logs increased by six percent and the volume of pulpwood dropped by ten percent.

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