In the first two months of 2020, Chinese imports of softwood lumber was 7.9% down y-o-y to 3.33 million m3. The import value fell by 20.3% to $535.1 million.

Softwood lumber price in China decreased 13.5% to $161 per cubic meter in January-February 2020, according to China Customs data.

For the first time, the effect of the coronavirus pandemic became noticeable in late January – early February, supplier companies told Timber Industry News. At that time companies from China and South Korea began to postpone their orders.

Since April, China resumed production operations and began to accept goods, while Europe, on the contrary, began to sag. Shipments to European lumber markets have halved, said one supplier. To minimize the negative effects of coronavirus, some European softwood lumber exporters redirected part of their shipments from China to Egypt.

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