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The prices of exported lumber from Europe to the United States has doubled for European suppliers since mid-April. With a weekly gain of 44 € / m³, the previous week reached an average of 408 € / m³ for 2X4. 

The price level on Friday is the highest ever for European exporters with a currency ratio of 1.18 US $ / €. Such price highs were not even reached in the early summer of the record year 2018.

Lumber exports of German sawmills can currently be estimated at around 360 € / m³. The current price level is a 160 € / m³ higher than at the same time in 2019. All prices apply to delivery free US east coast for 2X4 SPF (KD) # 2 & better.

The reduced Canadian softwood lumber production, the high US construction starts and a special, COVID-19-related DIY boom are responsible for the price explosion.

Price development since June 29, 2020

The weekly price increases since calendar week 27: +18 € / m³, +20 € / m³, +26 € / m³, +14 € / m³, +11 € / m³, +25 € / m³ and in the previous week +44 € / m³. A ship needs an average of five days – on average, the freight has gained around 22 € / m³ in value since these six weeks on the crossing alone.

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