The prices for roundwood in Estonia have mostly increased during March 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic. As compared to February 2020, the prices for pine and spruce logs went up by more than 2%. However, both sawlog and pulpwood prices remain way lower as compared to March 2019.

Pine sawlogs could be bought for EUR 67.70/m3 in March, which is a 2.99% increase when compared to February but a -14% decrease as compared to March of last year. Also, the price for spruce sawlogs increased to EUR 60.54/m3, 2.67% more than last month.

Only the price of birch decreased slightly as compared to February, and it’s stil -13% lower over last year.

Among the pulpwood types of wood, the price for pine increased the most when compared to February, reaching EUR 28.88/m3 (+12.98%). The price for spruce pulpwood also increased, however at a lower pace, by 5.72% when compared to February. All pulpwood assortments remain cheaper as compared to last year.

Average roadside prices of sales from the Estonian state forests on country level (EUR/m³ , under bark, excl. VAT) 
February 2019   February 2020 March 2020 Change in % March 2019/ March 2020 Change in % February 2020/ March 2020
Pine 78.94 65.73 67.70 -14.23% +2.99%
Spruce 78.04 58.96 60.54 -22.42% +2.67%
Birch 71.07 61.81 61.69 -13.22% -0.91%
Pine 47.59 25.56 28.88 -39.31% +12.98%
Spruce 46.52 27.43 29.00 -37.66% +5.72%
Birch 46.59 30.60 30.77 -42.54% +0.55%

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