• In February 2020, roundwood prices in Estonia have dropped sharply as compared to a year ago, being negatively impacted by the mild winter that occurred in the country that reduced harvesting conditions.
  • Pine sawlog prices are lower by -15% yoy, while the decline in spruce prices was more pronounced. At EUR 58.96/m3, spruce sawlog price was around -24% lower in February 2020 as compared to a year ago.

The year 2019 is marked by falling roundwood prices in large parts of Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. In particular, the spruce is under price pressure due to extensive bark beetle infestation, even in countries such as Estonia, which themselves have not encountered damage by the bark beetle.

By December 2019 the price slide in Estonia has reached almost all types of wood. Affected are softwood sawlogs and all pulpwood, the price continued to fall in January, but followed an increasing month-on-month trend in February 2020.

In the case of pulpwood, the downward trend is more pronounced than for sawlogs. Pine pulpwood prices are lower by -46% as compared to a year ago. Spruce pulpwood prices decreased by around -41%. The price of birch is -20% lower as compared to last year.

Average roadside prices of sales from the Estonian state forests on country level (EUR/m³ , under bark, excl. VAT 
February 2019   January 2020  February 2020 Change in % February 2019/ February 2020
Pine 78.05 64.68 65.73 -15.78%
Spruce 77.42 58.23 58.96 -23.84%
Birch 68.10 61.62 61.81 -9.08%
Pine 47.52 25.78 25.56 -46.21%
Spruce 46.83 26.37 27.43 -41,42%
Birch 46.76 30.62 30.60 -20.08%

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