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In August this year Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 25.6% in value compared to August 2019, from US$233.5 million to US$293.1 million.

The value of pine sawnwood exports increased 36% between August 2019 (US$35.0 million) and August 2020 (US$47.5 million). In volume terms, exports increased 56% over the same period, from 176,400 cu.m to 275,300 cu.m.

In contrast, the volume of tropical sawnwood exports declined 11% , from 41,300 cu.m in August 2019 to 36,600 cu.m in August 2020. The value of exports dropped but only by around 4% from US$15.3 million to US$14.7 million over the same period.

Pine plywood exports earnings increased 52% in August 2020 in comparison with August 2019, from US$39.3 million to US$59.9 million. There was an increase in the volume of exports but only by 38% over the same period, from 173,900 cu.m to 239,100 cu.m signaling an improvement in unit prices.

Brazil’s exports of tropical plywood increased around 2% in August but the value of exports dropped almost 20% from 5,800 cu.m (US$ 2.6 million) in August 2019 to 5,900 cu.m (US$ 2.1 million) in August 2020.

On a brighter note Brazil’s exports of wooden furniture increased from US$47.1 million in August 2019 to US$52.6 million in August 2020, an almost 12% rise.

Latest prices for Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood as of 01-15 July, 2020.

Brazilian logs, mill yard, domestic US$ per m3
Ipê 164↑
Jatoba 84↓
Massaranduba 76↓
Muiracatiara 81↓
Angelim Vermelho 77
Mixed redwood and white wood 64↓
Source: STCP Data Bank

Domestic Sawnwood Prices

Brazilian sawnwood, domestic (Green ex-mill) US$ per m3
Ipê 689↑
Jatoba 340↓
Massaranduba 338↑
Muiracatiara 308
Angelim Vermelho 304↑
Mixed red and white 199↑
Eucalyptus (AD) 153↑
Pine (AD) 102↑
Pine (KD) 125↑
Source: STCP Data Bank

Domestic Plywood Prices (excl. taxes)

Parica US$ per m3
4mm WBP 389↓
10mm WBP 331↑
15mm WBP 274
4mm MR 315↑
10mm MR 238↑
15mm MR 213↑
Prices do not include taxes. Source: STCP Data Bank

Prices For Other Panel Products

Domestic ex-mill Prices US$ per m3
15mm MDParticleboard 157↑
15mm MDF 190↓
Source: STCP Data Bank

Export Sawnwood Prices

Sawnwood, Belem/Paranagua Ports, FOB US$ per m3
Ipe 1,483↑
Jatoba 863↑
Massaranduba 848↑
Muiracatiara 869
Pine (KD) 157↓
FOB Belém/PA; Paranaguá/PR; Navegantes/SC and Itajaí/SC Ports. High quality wood (no cracks / without knots) / Measuring 2,50 m in length; 15 cm wide; and 30 mm thick. Source: STCP Data Bank

Export Plywood Prices

Pine Plywood EU market, FOB US$ per m3
9mm C/CC (WBP) 248↑
12mm C/CC (WBP) 243↑
15mm C/CC (WBP) 222↓
18mm C/CC (WBP) 210↓
Source: STCP Data Bank

Export Prices For Added Value Products

FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports US$ per m3
Decking Boards
Ipê 3,025↑
Jatoba 1,450↓

Source: ITTO

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