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In October 2020, the value of Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 32% compared to October 2019, from $222.6 million to $293.7 million.

The value of October pine sawnwood exports increased 29% year-on-year from $36.6 million in 2019 to $47.1 million this October. In volume terms exports increased 40.6% over the same period, from 190,600 m3 to 267,900 m3.

On the other hand, tropical sawnwood exports fell 2.4% in volume, from 41,200 m3 in October 2019 to 40,200 m3 in October 2020 and in value terms exports declined 4% from $16.6 million to $15.9 million, over the same period.

Pine plywood exports achieved a massive 60% boost in October 2020 in comparison with October 2019 rising from $37.6 million to $60 million. The volume of exports jumped around 23% from 169,100 m3 to 207,900 m3.

However, the volume of October tropical plywood exports dropped 21% year-on-year from 8,000 m3 ($2.9 million) in October 2019 to 6,300 m3 ($2.6 million) in October 2020.

The wooden furniture export earnings increased from $50.5 million in October 2019 to $57.2 million in October 2020, a 13% jump.

Latest prices for Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood as of 15-30 November, 2020.

Brazilian logs, mill yard, domestic US$ per m3
Ipê 165↑
Jatoba 83
Massaranduba 74↓
Muiracatiara 79↓
Angelim Vermelho 74
Mixed redwood and white wood 62↓
Source: STCP Data Bank

Domestic Sawnwood Prices

Brazilian sawnwood, domestic (Green ex-mill) US$ per m3
Ipê 691↑
Jatoba 337↑
Massaranduba 334↑
Muiracatiara 302
Angelim Vermelho 299↑
Mixed red and white 198↑
Eucalyptus (AD) 152↑
Pine (AD) 100
Pine (KD) 125↑
Source: STCP Data Bank

Domestic Plywood Prices (excl. taxes)

Parica US$ per m3
4mm WBP 379↓
10mm WBP 324
15mm WBP 269
4mm MR 310↑
10mm MR 235↑
15mm MR 212↑
Prices do not include taxes. Source: STCP Data Bank

Prices For Other Panel Products

Domestic ex-mill Prices US$ per m3
15mm MDParticleboard 153↓
15mm MDF 188↑
Source: STCP Data Bank

Export Sawnwood Prices

Sawnwood, Belem/Paranagua Ports, FOB US$ per m3
Ipe 1,490↑
Jatoba 872↑
Massaranduba 853↑
Muiracatiara 876
Pine (KD) 162↑
FOB Belém/PA; Paranaguá/PR; Navegantes/SC and Itajaí/SC Ports. High quality wood (no cracks / without knots) / Measuring 2,50 m in length; 15 cm wide; and 30 mm thick. Source: STCP Data Bank

Export Plywood Prices

Pine Plywood EU market, FOB US$ per m3
9mm C/CC (WBP) 257↑
12mm C/CC (WBP) 252↑
15mm C/CC (WBP) 228↑
18mm C/CC (WBP) 217↑
Source: STCP Data Bank

Export Prices For Added Value Products

FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports US$ per m3
Decking Boards
Ipê 3,038↑
Jatoba 1,450

Source: ITTO

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