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At present, China is the world’s largest timber processing and wood product production base and the most important wood product processing exporter, as well as a major timber importer in the world. The sources of timber are characterized by diversification. Timber from Europe, Russia, and North America occupy a major share of the imported timber market.

The huge market and development potential of China’s imported wood and wood products have attracted the attention of many global wood industry companies and organizations. One of them is the Europe-LEF China Cooperation Network (LEF Network China). The project is composed of companies and organizations from three countries: Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

The LEF Network China project team believes that China, as a major timber importer, has not fully paid attention to and developed the potential of high-value-added wooden products. LEF Network China brings together nearly 80 timber and wood products companies from three countries, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The companies have accumulated rich experience in wood processing, wood structure construction, furniture, etc., especially in modern mainstream engineered wood- -CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) aspect.

European organizations participating in the project are: Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Latvian Timber Construction Cluster, and Estonian Wooden House Association.

The project aims to increase cooperation opportunities between EU wood companies and Chinese companies, improve the ability of the Baltic Sea wood companies to cooperate with Chinese wood companies, and promote the growth of European wood companies’ exports of high value-added wood products to China.

At the just-concluded China (Shanghai) Construction Expo, the LEF China Cooperation Network project brought a variety of wood products from Latvia, Estonia, Finland and other countries to the exhibition. The concept shows the vitality of wood, an ancient traditional building material, under modern technology. The outdoor wooden house and garden design displayed on the spot brought different design concepts and styles to domestic exhibitors and decoration companies.

It is believed that the promotion and introduction of LEF China Cooperation Network will strongly promote the development of the domestic high-value-added timber product market.

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