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The availability of shipping containers and disruptions to shipping schedules is impacting the flow of Chinese wood product imports.

The shortage of shipping containers in places where they are needed has pushed up international shipping costs. Imports are disrupted and producer countries are facing a challenge to get timber shipments away.

At present, Chinese timber traders purchasing European spruce and American southern pine have a lot of new orders but delivery schedules are difficult to determine.

European spruce log prices continue to rise

According to a GWMI price investigation, affected by many uncertain factors such as the pandemic situation and shipping, the CIF for new orders of European spruce logs has climbed to 128 euros/m3.

Domestic construction timber continues to rise

The urgency to secure log supplies has driven up prices in the domestic market. The log prices in Chongqing, Jiangxi, and Guangxi have been adjusted upwards. Among them, the increase of New Zealanad radiata pine in Jiangsu has reached 60 yuan/m3; the white pine/spruce in Shandong has risen by 10 yuan/m3, and the radiata pine has risen by 80 yuan /m3.

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