According to China Customs, in the first quarter of 2020, China’s plywood exports were 1.85 million cubic metres valued at US$787.6 million, a drop of 85% and 82% respectively over the same period in 2019.

The main markets for plywood exports in the first quarter were the Philippines (131,000 cu.m), UK (129,000 cu.m), Japan (125,000 cu.m), UAE (111,000 cu.m), Vietnam (105,000 cu.m) and Saudi Arabia (104,000) all of which were significantly down year on year.

First quarter plywood imports were 35,068 cubic metres valued at US$26.85 million, a decline of around 80% in both volume and value. Over 70% of China’s plywood imports are from five countries, Russia (16,002 cu.m), Indonesia (4, 886 cu.m), Malaysia (3,368 cu.m), Vietnam (1, 547 cu.m) and Japan (1, 290 cu.m).

Sharp drop in wooden furniture exports and imports

China Customs data is showing that in the first quarter of 2020 the value of China’s wooden furniture exports fell 84% year on year to US$3.104 billion.

The main markets were the USA (US$882 million), Japan (US$254 million), UK (US$211 million), Australia (US$188 million), South Korea (US$150 million) and Canada (US$119 million) all dropping around 80% compared to the first quarter 2019.

China imports small amounts of furniture which, in the first quarter 2020, were worth US$203 million, down 80% year on year.

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