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An orange alert for heavy air pollution has been issued in Lanshan District of Linyi City, Shandong Province and an emergency response to the severe air pollution was implemented in December. Emission reduction measures such as restricting or halting manufacturing were introduced.

More than 5,000 enterprises have been required to cut or stop production of which 46 are plywood enterprises, 46 particleboard enterprises, 10 fibreboard enterprises and 312 furniture manufacturing enterprises. These enterprises release VOCs during their manufacturing processes.

A date for lifting the restrictions has not been announced as this will depend of air pollution measurements. As limits on production are a regular occurrence during the autumn and winter months when air pollution becomes serious companies have to adjust their production and marketing to avoid losing market share.

In related news, dozens of wood panel enterprises in Hebei Province will also cease production. The affected cities are in the centre and southern parts of Hebei Province such as Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Cangzhou, Baoding, Hengshui, Xingtai, Handan, Dingzhou and Xinji.

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