Belarusian wood pellets will be exported to the European Union market, the press service of the Belarusian Forestry Ministry said.

The forestry enterprises where new pellet plants have been set up intend to export at least 10,000 tonnes of wood pellets in August. The pellets will be shipped to Denmark, Poland, Italy, and other countries.

During a conference with subordinates Belarusian Forestry Minister Vitaly Drozhzha underlined: “At present the Bellesexport enterprise has to get in touch with end consumers. We should get rid of intermediaries and earn profits on our own. Very few customers know about Belarusian lumber in Europe simply because they are sold in someone else’s packaging. We should radically change the situation.”

The press service noted that this year the Forestry Ministry has implemented a project to set up six pellet plants with the total output capacity of 156,000 tonnes. Modern high-tech enterprises have been set up in the Klichev forestry enterprise, the Pruzhany forestry enterprise, the Novogrudok forestry enterprise, the Borisov forestry enterprise, the Zhitkovichi forestry enterprise, and the Mozyr forestry enterprise. The projects were implemented using proprietary funding. About Br81 million (EUR 28 million) was spent.

GWMI reported earlier that there are plans to build at least six more pellet plants in Belarus. Pellets will be exported and sold in Europe and Asia. Close attention will be paid to the quality of wood pellets, Belarusian Forestry Ministry reported. The establishment of a special lab to check the quality of the product is under consideration.

Since the beginning of the year the Belarusian forestry enterprises have sold about 26,000 tonnes ofvwood pellets to customers.

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