In January-May 2020, lumber export of companies run by the Belarusian Forestry Ministry went up by 30%.

“Since the beginning of the year, companies affiliated with the Forestry Ministry have significantly increased their export. In January-May, they exported 352,700 cubic meters of lumber. This was almost 30% up over the same period of last year, when they exported 271,800 cubic meters of lumber,” the press service of the ministry noted.

Forestry enterprises of the Gomel State Industrial Forestry Association reported the greatest export growth. In January-May, they sold 72,300m3 (162.2% as against the same period of 2019). Forestry enterprises of the Brest State Industrial Forestry Association exported 39,100m3 (117.3%), of the Vitebsk State Industrial Forestry Association – 53.900m3 (106.8%), the Grodno State Industrial Forestry Association – 33,900m3 (131.7%), the Minsk State Industrial Forestry Association – 91,900m3 (130.8%), and the Mogilev State Industrial Forestry Association – 61,700m3 (130%).

The main trading markets of the Belarusian forestry enterprises are Lithuania, Germany, and Latvia. Promising markets include the Chinese market. Belarusian forestry enterprises got access to it in 2019, and in April 2020, the Bellesexport company sent the first container train with lumber to China.

Belarusian forestry enterprises constantly increase export of timber products, the press service stressed. In 2019, enterprises affiliated with the Forestry Ministry exported $153.9 million worth of goods and services, which was up by 10% as against 2018. Timber products account for almost 60% of the total export.

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