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In 2020, timber harvesting in the Czech Republic reached 32.6 million m 3 of wood without bark, which represents an all-time record volume of timber harvested.

Almost all logging of the total volume of 32.6 million m 3 was incidental logging (95.0%). “Last year, logging increased again. Incidental logging, which mainly represents bark beetle-infested trees and damaged timber, has reached almost 31 million cubic meters and accounted for almost the entire volume of timber harvested. The unfavorable trend in forests thus continues, “says Josef Kahuda from the CZSO’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry Statistics. Spruce (90.1%) was again the most harvested, followed by pine (4.0%), beech (1.7%) and larch (1.5%). Mainly softwood trees were harvested (96.1%). Compared to the previous year, the harvest of hardwood trees decreased by 203 thous. m 3 (-13.8%).

From a territorial point of view, most timber was harvested in the Vysočina Region (7.8 million m3 ), in the Jihočeský Region (4.3 million m3), in the South Moravian Region (3.4 million m3 ) and in the Olomouc Region (2.9 million m3) . The largest volumes of wood within the framework of incidental logging were processed in the Vysočina Region (7.7 million m3), where practically only this type of logging took place.

The area of ​​afforestationwas 28,670 ha last year. There was a significant year-on-year increase of 7,425 ha (+ 35.0%). This time, hardwood trees slightly predominated (51.3%) and the situation in forestry is therefore changing. Nevertheless, spruce (30.5%) was most used in afforestation, followed by beech (25.0%), oak (16.6%) and pine (8.2%). 178.1 million seedlings were consumed during planting, of which the share of hardwood seedlings was 62.7%. The average consumption of seedlings per hectare of seedling was 6,315 pieces, for coniferous trees 4,785 pieces and for deciduous trees 7,801 pieces.

There was also an increase in natural regeneration, to 5,224 ha (+ 28.2%). Conversely, softwood predominated here with a share of 57.2%.

At the end of 2019, forest lands covered an area of ​​2,675,670 ha and compared to the previous year it was a slight increase (+2,278 ha). Most forests (54.2%) in our country are managed by state entities.

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