The first half of the year was extremely bad for the majority of Austrian and German forest companies. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, companies are struggling with low sales prices and high calamity damage.

Only 2% of the forest companies rate their business situation in the first half of the year as “good” and 29% as “satisfactory”. In a Timber Industry News business survey, 69% report a “bad” business situation.

The outlook is similarly negative: three quarters of those surveyed expect a “bad” development and a quarter expect a “satisfactory” development in the second half of the year. In terms of sales, 53% anticipate a decline. However, 40% calculate with “constant” and 7% with “increasing” income in the next six months.

For almost half of the German and Austrian forest companies, a decline in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic is currently “clearly” (40%) or even “extremely” (7%) noticeable. 31% report “moderate”, 18% of “hardly” and 4% of “not” noticeable effects.

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