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Australia is preparing to completely interrupt its annual timber trade with China after Beijing Customs’ request to resume log exports is ignored, with a market value of 1.6 billion Australian dollars (1.23 billion US dollars).

Since the end of last year, Australia-China trade of 4 million tons of logs has basically been suspended. Previously, Beijing, China stated that pests were found in cargo from several Australian ports. However, wood chips continue to be exported to China.

Australia’s timber and coal, barley, seafood and wine, and many other commodities and products, are subject to China’s trade bans or other restrictions as the trade partnership between the two countries deteriorates.

The Australian Department of Agriculture provided evidence to the General Administration of Customs of China that the goods were sprayed with pesticides, but the source claimed that they had not received a response.

They said that China’s indifference suggests that bilateral trade may be in a state of tension for a long time, because the cold relationship between Canberra and Beijing is now putting bureaucrats who normally maintain contact during temporary disagreements into trouble.

Victor Violante, Vice President of the Australian Forest Products Association, stated: “Due to the delays in forest thinning, logging and transportation, and port operations, at least hundreds of workers across the country have lost their jobs. If the trade interruption continues for months or even years, it will seriously affect sawmills The entire supply chain, including thousands of jobs.”

Diplomatic relations between Australia and its largest trading partner deteriorated last year after Canberra called for an international investigation into the source of the coronavirus, which angered China.

In a statement to Reuters, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that China has adopted normal preventive biosafety measures for overseas goods, such as inspection and quarantine, and has forwarded specific questions about the Australian timber case to relevant authorities.

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