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Arauco, one of the world’s largest forestry companies, announced its decision to halt operations at seven production units.

This was due to the impossibility for its workers to complete their shifts regularly in the Chilean region of Bío Bío due to the blockade of its facilities as a result of various demonstrations.

In addition, it has not been possible to ensure the normal supply of raw materials and essential inputs for the operation.

A total of 2,568 workers are unable to enter the various industrial complexes to perform their duties. This measure also means halting the production of more than 120,000m3 of sawn timber, moldings and plywood, essential products for the construction and furniture industries.

The production units that have had to suspend their operations are the following:

1. Horcones sawmilling

2. Horcones Remanufacturing

3. Horcones 1 sawmill

4. Horcones 2 sawmill

5. El Colorado de Curanilahue Sawmill

6. Arauco Plywood Plant

7. Horcones Nursery

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